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Welcome to Doctors Educational Consultancy

Doctors Educational Consultancy   was started by a group of doctors in the year 2013.  Same consultancy was run on the name of Golden Peak India  educational consultancy   for three years and used to send students for medical education (i.e)M.B.B.S/MD to Philippines.

The directors of this consultancy being well reputed  doctors and millionaires, started this consultancy in view of service to the middle class people’s children who are having the ambition of becoming doctors and who are loosing medical seats due to heavy competition though they are intelligents.

In present days as all know that crores of rupees are being charged as donations for MBBS seats in Inida.

All people are not rich enough to pay the donations. The middle class people can pay some lakhs for their children’s studies.

We being doctors after thorough survey came to a decision that  Philippines is the right place for medical education when compared to other countries like China, Russia, Khazakistan & Ucraine. Fee structure may be similar in all the countries but there are 4-5 differences between Philippines and other countries.

Philippines is a temperate country just like one India. So the diseases pattern is same  both in  Philippines and India. So naturally the students  who study MBBS/MD can gain good medical knowledge and become good doctors.

96% of people form Philippines speak English where as in other countries like China, Russia, Khazakistan & Ucraine, nobody knows English. So our Indian students in Philippines can discuss about the symptoms and signs of the diseases in English with the patients. So our students can become good doctors.

Philippines  is the country with zero crime rate. So our students will be very safe. As  Philippines is having good contacts with USA, our students can clear USMLE and leave for USA for further studies.

 Finally we  the directors being doctors wish  all the Bi.PC students to become good doctors  from Philippines.