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  • Doctors Educational Consultancy an organization run by professional doctors is offering overseas educational consulting services for students seeking to study medicine in the Philippines.

  • As specialists in medical placement in the Philippines, our professional counselling ensures that you have absolute clarity in all aspects and have a fun and collaborative study experience when  you  are in abroad.

  • End-to-end services right from visa to admission and enrollment.

  • Highly competent counselling staff to clearly explain your needs.


Dr.Mandava Sreenivasa Rao

Dr.Mandava Sreenivasa Rao is known for free service to poor,police and press people.

Dr.Mandava was honoured with BEST DOCTOR awards.

Dr.Mandava  conducts free medical camps for poor people in slum areas.

Dr.Mandava  is the man behind this consultancy. Having so much of experience in medical field.

Dr.Mandava knows how to make the medical students studious .

Dr.Mandava guides the students to get through the exams for the first time.

Even Dr.Mandava can guide the students how to prepare and clear the MCI screening test.

Dr.Dontireddy Lakshmana Reddy

Dr. Dontireddy Lakshmana Reddy is a big business magnet.

Dr. Dontireddy is having two major pharma industries.

Dr. Dontireddy is an extraordinary  builder in Vijayawada.

Dr. Dontireddy is running intermediate college .

 Dr. Dontireddy  is having so much of experience in medical field.

Dr. Dontireddy guides the students to become good doctors.